Graded utilization of phosphate rock

phosphate rock as the major raw material, is overall utilized by management of grading and categorizing as well as floating. Phosphate rock 33%P2O5 grade is used to manufacture TSP,28% P2O5 grade is used to manufacture high-quality concentrated purified phosphoric acid in hemi-hydrate acid production line, and 23% P2O5 grade is used to manufacture feed grade phosphates in di-hydrate acid production line.

Graded utilization of phosphoric acid

as the core of the company's industrial chain, it ensures the most use of phosphoric acid to its best value. The by-product iron concentrate powder from sulfuric acid production is developed to be as iron element origin for iron phosphate applied in new energy materials, forming a complete iron phosphate industrial chain, enhancing outstanding competitive strength.

Economic utilization of by-products

the by-products are mainly phosphogypsum and fluorine off-gas. Phosphogypsum is completely consumed by converting to cement coagulant taking advantage of Guangxi location, while fluorine off-gas is recycled and further processed to be fluoride ,making most use of resources.

Flotation technology of Medium and low grade phosphate rock Abundant with silicon

by independently developed technology,after flotation process the medium and low grade phosphate rock could be upgraded from 20%-25% to 26%-35% while impurity substances including Magnesium oxide, iron, aluminium oxide is simultaneously and greatly reduced. The recycle rate of phosphorus is further improved and flotation cost is reduced by scavenging and other technologies in floating process.

Hemi-hydrate and di-hydrate method for phosphoric acid production

over 98% of Phosphorus could be recycled effectively by application of hemi-hydrate and di-hydrate method in Fangcheng manufacturing base,Guangxi,reducing consumption of phosphate rock and Phosphorus level in phosphogypsum,benefiting the processing and application of phosphogypsum.

Extraction and purification technology of wet process phosphoric acid

Chuan Jin Nuo is one of the few phosphorus chemical companies in China that owns phosphoric acid purification technology and production capacity with 100,000 mt/year in Fangchenggang manufacturing base, strongly in favor of developing for following new energy materials business.

Multiple technologies of iron phosphates production

taking advantages of achievement in phosphorus chemical industry, the company has accomplished verification on processing methods and technologies for three kinds of iron phosphates. processing methods and technologies could be flexibly adjusted according to raw materials price and demands afterwards, helping to reduce production cost while meet the product performance requirements.

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