Kunming Manufacturing Base

Located in Dongchuan District, Kunming City, it has built an integrated phosphate industry model, and a comprehensive product system of phosphate chemicals, including fertilizer phosphates, feed phosphates, and industrial phosphates.


Fangchenggang Manufacturing Base

Located in the port area of Fangchenggang city, Guangxi Chuan Jin Nuo Chemical Co., Ltd. has now formed a new industrial structure, with wet process purified phosphoric acid as the core and various phosphates as the supporting products, and has realized the integration of domestic and international purchase & sale dual-channel for raw materials and finished products.


New Energy Material Manufacturing Bases

Kunming Manufacturing Base and Fangchenggang Manufacturing Base, Kunming Base has began the normal production and sales of iron phosphate, while Fangchenggang Base has passed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and started factory construction.


Phosphates Industry R&D Base

Located in Chenggong district, Kunming city, configuring the R&D teams for phosphate chemicals and new energy materials.

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