Company Introduction


Kunming Chuan Jin Nuo Chemical Co., Ltd.  founded in June, 2005, which is a professional chemical enterprise engaged in phosphates production. The manufacturing base located in north-east district of Yunnan, known as the enrichment zone of low and medium grade phosphate ore in China. It has reached total assets of 89 million Dollars, and more than 1000 employees. It mainly produces three series of products which are Feed Grade Phosphates, Fertilizer Grade Phosphates and Industrial Grade Phosphoric Acid purified by wet process and Fine Phosphates currently. The total output reached 5,000,000 tons annually.

      Our motto is“Enterprise development through science and technology, people oriented". Sustainable development of enterprises cannot be separated from scientific and technological innovation. Science and technology innovation cannot be deviated from talents. Chuan Jin Nuo has always attached importance to the construction of all kinds of professional talent team, promoted scientific and technological innovation with talents. We stand on the resources concentrated on belt of sulfur, phosphorus, calcium and iron in Northeast Yunnan province. With the continuous innovation and improvement on key technology which are the flotation of low grade phosphate ore, the additional function extension of producing acid by pyrites, the cascade utilization of the energy and the graded utilization on Wet process phosphoric acid. We improved the integrated industrial chain from producing acid by pyrites and phosphate ore flotation to the production, sales of phosphates and phosphate fertilizer. It helps us form a unique product line mode combined with acid, fertilizer and phosphates, which is suitable for our own and insure our sustainable development.

      Chuan Jin Nuo always adhere to the pragmatic attitude to manage itself. Deal with domestic and international partners by the spirit of integrity. Thus we constructed stable social resource channels and strategic cooperation relationships through those years.

      Chuan Jin Nuo has successfully listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange IPO on March 15, 2016, stock code: 300505.

      Chuan Jin Nuo will use the strength from the capital market to promote a new development. We will also insist in credit , science and technology, research and develop new high-tech products which have higher added value and more suitable to the future market. We will surely promote our enterprise to qualitative change and step forward to the goal of 100-year enterprise.